Lupe Alonzo-Diaz

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz|President & Chief Executive Officer

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz serves as the President & CEO of Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC). Prior to her role at PHC, she was the Deputy Director of Administration for the Department of State Hospitals where she oversaw the daily operations of five state hospitals with a $1.4 billion budget and over 11,000 employees. Before this, she served in various leadership roles at the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), including in acting capacities as the Chief Deputy Director and Deputy Director of Administration. At OSHPD, she also led the state’s efforts on health workforce development overseeing various programs and grants increasing access to care in underserved areas as its Deputy Director of Healthcare Workforce Development. Lupe initially came to state government as a gubernatorial appointee for the Health Professions Education Foundation as its Executive Director. Prior to public service, she held various leadership positions with the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Western Center for Law and Poverty, Children’s Advocacy Institute and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Lupe has a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. 

Lance R. Lewis

Lance R. Lewis|(916) 444-5532

Lance R. Lewis is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Physicans For A Healthy California. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day financial planning, accounting and financial reporting of PHC working in concert with the President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lewis also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the California Medical Association (CMA). A veteran member of the CMA staff for more than 19 years, Mr. Lewis is responsible for the administrative and operational support centers of the organization, including the departments of Governance, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities Management. He is also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the CMA and its Affiliates, which comprise more than a dozen non-profit and for-profit companies. Mr. Lewis was named CFO of the Year by the Sacramento Business Journal in 2017. Mr. Lewis earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. [Full Bio]

Anita Charles

Anita Charles|(916) 551-2056

Anita Charles is the Senior Project Coordinator at PHC. As the staff lead for the Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations (NEPO), she coordinates the annual NEPO Summit and manages PHC's Medical Student Community Leadership Grant Program. Anita has developed relationships with over 40 Ethnic Physician Organizations across California and has coordinated activities and events aimed at public health improvement and physician education. In addition to her work at PHC, Anita serves on the Board of Directors for the Health and Life Organization, Inc.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott|(916) 551-2566

Jill Scott is PHC's Project Coordinator. She manages the Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE), a long-term statewide effort to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics. Jill also manages PHC's donor communications and coordinates project-related activities and events.