Lupe Alonzo-Diaz

Lupe Alonzo-DiazPresident & Chief Executive Officer

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz serves as the President & CEO of Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC). In her existing role, she provides leadership and direction to the overall mission and vision of the organization. Prior to her role at PHC, she was the Deputy Director of Administration for the Department of State Hospitals where she oversaw the daily operations of five state hospitals with a $1.4 billion budget and over 11,000 employees. Before this, she served in various leadership roles at the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), including in acting capacities as the Chief Deputy Director and Deputy Director of Administration. At OSHPD, she also led the state’s efforts on health workforce development overseeing various programs and grants increasing access to care in underserved areas as its Deputy Director of Healthcare Workforce Development. Ms. Alonzo-Diaz initially came to state government as a gubernatorial appointee for the Health Professions Education Foundation as its Executive Director. Prior to public service, she held various leadership positions with the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Western Center for Law and Poverty, Children’s Advocacy Institute and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Lupe earned a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She lives in Elk Grove with her husband, two boys, her mother, her sons’ dog and her mother’s bird.

Lance R. Lewis

Lance R. LewisChief Financial Officer

Lance R. Lewis is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Physicans For A Healthy California. He is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day financial planning, accounting and financial reporting of PHC working in concert with the President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lewis also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the California Medical Association (CMA). A veteran member of the CMA staff for more than 19 years, Mr. Lewis is responsible for the administrative and operational support centers of the organization, including the departments of Governance, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities Management. He is also the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the CMA and its Affiliates, which comprise more than a dozen non-profit and for-profit companies. Mr. Lewis was named CFO of the Year by the Sacramento Business Journal in 2017. Mr. Lewis earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara and his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. [Full Bio]

Sam Olivieri

Sam OlivieriExecutive Coordinator

Executive Coordinator for the CEO of PHC. She performs administrative tasks for the CEO as well as the PHC team, implementing procedures needed to help keep PHC organized, on budget and efficient.  Additionally, she is tasked with being the liaison for the PHC Delegation Advisory Committee and is the functional manager for the coordinators on our team.  She is skilled in organization, keeping schedules and recognizing lasting solutions.  Her banking background of 27 years with US Bank, has given her experience in key responsibilities she holds currently.

Adrian Alegre

Adrian AlegreCompliance Manager

Adrian is the Compliance Manager for PHC.  After the serving as the LRP Program Director for the inaugural year, Adrian accepted the role to serve as the key compliance officer and works closely with the PHC CEO to document and evaluate systems and operations; develop policies and procedures; conduct ongoing program, and information privacy assessments; strengthen the organization’s information technology functions; and evaluate, implement, and manage organizational workflow management systems.  Prior to his role at PHC, he has served on Active Duty for 13 years in the United States Navy where he led administrative departments in operational program management, policy development and compliance, security management, and data analysis.  His focus on mission and steadfast work ethic has helped lead to several awards such as Navy Operational Support Center of the Year, a letter of appreciation from the California State Governor, and 4 Navy Achievement Medals.  He continues his military support on his off-time as a member of the Navy Reserve and has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

Monica Montano 

Monica Montano, PhdCalMedForce Program Director

Monica serves as the key lead overseeing the GME grant program, also known as the CalMedForce program. The CalMedForce grant program is funded by Proposition 56 with the goal of sustaining, retaining and expanding graduate medical education programs to increase the number of primary care and emergency medicine physicians in California. She works closely with the CalMedForce Advisory Council and Board to develop, implement and evaluate the CalMedForce grant program. Prior to her current role, she was a California Council on Science and Technology Fellow working as a Committee Consultant for the Assembly Health Committee in the California Legislature. She analyzed various health related pieces of legislation while providing staff support to Legislators and their constituents. Monica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Rockhurst University and a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

David Kert

David KertCalMedForce Program Analyst

David is the Program Analyst for CalMedForce, the Graduate Medical Education Program (GME) for PHC. He is responsible for grant application data management and analysis, research and development of the grant application, drafting policies, and social media management. Prior to his role at PHC, he was an administrative analyst for CalMHSA and George Hills Company. He analyzed contracts, insurance certificates, and grants, and drafted various policies. David has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada-Reno, and has won the Capital One Mascot Challenge. David enjoys gardening, making costumes for events, and loves to travel.

May Yang

May YangCalMedForce Program Cordinator

May Yang is currently the Program Coordinator for the CalMedForce GME program within PHC. May has an extensive background in administrative support and assisting in operational excellence having previously worked for over 13 years as an Executive Assistant to the COO of HISCO, Inc. As the Program Coordinator May will provide support to the GME Program Director, implementing procedures needed to keep the GME program organized, efficient and successful. Outside of work, you can find her with her kids grilling and hanging out at the neighborhood parks.

Katie Ramirez

Katie RamirezCalHealthCares Interim Program Director

Katie serves as the key lead overseeing the CalHealthCares Loan Repayment Program (LRP) for PHC. The CalHealthCares program is funded by Proposition 56 which provides a one-time allocation of $340 million for a loan repayment program to increase access to care by Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) contracted with PHC to administer the loan repayment program. Katie works closely with the PHC CEO and LRP Advisory Council to develop, implement and evaluate the CalHealthCares program. Prior to her current role, she was the Program Analyst since the CalHealthCares program inception where she was a key member in the development of the program. Katie has a Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration from Grand Canyon University and is a candidate for a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Health Policy at McGeorge School of Law.

Corey Velez

Corey VelezCalHealthCares Program Analyst

Corey is the Program Analyst for CalHealthCares, the Loan Repayment Program (LRP) for PHC. She is responsible for loan repayment application data, research, and analysis. She also assists in communications and applicant outreach. Prior to her role at PHC, she worked as a Program Director for a Dental Program. She is also a subject matter expert for the Dental Board of California.

Manuel Perez

Manuel PerezCalHealthCares Program Analyst

Manny is the Program Analyst for CalHealthCares, the Loan Repayment Program (LRP) for PHC. He is responsible for loan repayment application data, research, and analysis. He also assists in contract development and applicant outreach. Prior to his role at PHC, he was a Law Clerk for a civil defense law firm in Sacramento. There he conducted research and writing on various legal issues to assist Attorney’s representation of clients. Manuel has a Bachelor’s degree in Government and received his Juris Doctorate (JD) from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in May 2018.