Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations

Annual NEPO Summit 

A big “thank you” to our sponsors, speakers, community for their commitment and overwhelming support of the annual Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations (NEPO) Summit. PHC has decided to postpone its 19th annual NEPO Summit. We remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing health equity and reducing health disparities.

Study: Well-Being of Women Physicians of Color (November 2021)

Generously funded by The Physicians Foundation; PHC has developed new research that focuses on reducing burnout, improving career satisfaction, bolstering mental health and establishing equity for women physicians of color. The study surveyed over 800 women physicians of color practicing in California and focus grouped over 20 physicians in various regions with the aim to shed light on potential organizational changes that could improve burnout, career and mental health outcomes among women physicians of color, particularly as they related to work and family settings. The findings point to the need for greater investment in developing programmatic and policy solutions that effectively drive systemic changes encompassing both physician well-being and equity. This will take regular monitoring, tracking, and accountability on the part of health care organization leaders to produce change. Only then can those issues stemming from workplace and family stress, as wellas racism and sexism in medicine, yield meaningful, long-lasting, positive changes in physician well-being that will save lives.

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