Past Projects

Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination

Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC) worked with ten Los Angeles-based primary care practices to ultimately achieve an average growth rate of 19 percent in adult pneumococcal vaccinations among ehtnic minority and low-income adult populations in Los Angeles County. Learn More

Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE)

AWARE was a long-term statewide effort to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics. Physician organizations, public health agencies, consumer and community-based organizations, government representatives and the pharmaceutical industry have all worked to achieve the mission and goals of this project. Learn More


CalVaxGrant, KidsVaxGrant and CAIRVaxGrant provided support to community COVID-19 vaccinations sites around the state. Providers who enrolled in myCAvax were eligible for support grants to expand their locations and hours. Additionally, CAIRVaxGrant provided support to providers entering historic vaccination data. Learn More

Care 4 Caregivers Now

Care 4 Caregivers Now (C4CN) provided free and confidential peer coaching to health care workers during 2020, the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, from trained medical practitioners who understood the rigors and emotional stresses of the profession. Learn More

Climate Change Champions

Climate Change and Health was a 2-year statewide initiative focused on expanding the diversity of voices speaking about the impacts of climate change on health. By mobilizing health provider champions, especially within communities of color, this initiative aimed to increase public understanding and support for climate change solutions. Learn More

COVID-19 Test to Treat Equity Grant

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) established the COVID-19 Therapeutics Equity Grant Program to expeditiously connect patients who test positive for COVID-19 with therapeutic treatment to decrease related morbidity and mortality. Learn More

Diversity in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials provide an opportunity for patients to receive cutting-edge care. Unfortunately, ethnically diverse patients often miss out on the opportunity to participate in clinical trials because they lack access to referrals or feel uncertain about what participation entails. In addition, some diseases have a higher prevalence in communities of color. Learn More


PHC's Obesity Prevention Project was to reduce the prevalence of obesity in children and their families. The project also addressed obesity related diseases, such as diabetesLearn More

Prediabetes & Diabetes

PHC and the Network of Ethnic Physicians Network (NEPO)  partnered with the American Medical Association (AMA) to educate physicians and health care providers about identifying and managing prediabetes and diabetes in their patient populations.  Learn More