$55,000 Practice Support
CalVaxGrant Available

Application Status: CLOSED

The State of California offered providers up to $55,000 to support COVID-19 vaccination efforts. To have been eligible for the CalVaxGrant, organizations must:

  • Be one of the following types of medical provider (routine or non-routine vaccinator):
    • Medical practice* with no more than 200 physicians
      • *Medical group/private practice, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Rural Health Clinic (RHC), community health center, migrant/refugee health center, STD/HIV clinic health center, tribal health center, Indian Health Service (IHS) or urgent care
    • Independent pharmacy organization
    • Student vaccine clinic, which includes student health centers, university health centers and K-12 schools
    • Home health agency 
    • Skilled nursing facility 
  • Be enrolled in myCAvax
  • Expend or plan to expend award on allowable expenses, which includes staffing and training (most common expenses), technology, infrastructure, supplies/equipment and administrative overhead
  • Have not received money from the State Innovation Fund


CONTACT; (916) 551-2565