August 10, 2021

GME Startup Solutions

If you are interested in starting a physician residency program, we invite you to learn more about Physicians for a Healthy California’s (PHC) new Graduate Medical Education (GME) Startup Solutions program:

Funded by CalMedForce, GME Startup Solutions was launched in December 2020 and is focused on providing resources, events and programs that help California communities grow medical residency and GME programs in underserved areas and for the most needed specialties. To receive regular updates on the initiative, including new content and upcoming event announcements, send an email to with “Subscribe” in the subject line.

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August 10, 2021

CalHealthCares loan repayment program awards $67.9 million to health care providers, increasing access to care

On June 25, 2021, Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC) and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced that 244 physicians and 43 dentists were awarded approximately $67.9 million in student loan repayments. These loan repayments were awarded to physicians and dentists who are committed to expanding access to care for Medi-Cal communities.

CalHeathCares held two awardee webinars to review program expectations and contractual requirements. Awardee agreements have been distributed with an effective date of July 1, 2021.

In the fall, we will be announcing the open application period for the upcoming FY 2021-22, cohort 4 cycle. At that time, PHC will also be requesting your assistance to volunteer to review and score applications.

Visit for more information.

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August 10, 2021

CalMedForce GME application now open

The CalMedForce graduate medical education (GME) grant application is officially open!

Approximately $39 million will be available to support and expand primary care (family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics) and emergency medicine GME programs in California that prioritize serving underserved areas and communities. Recent changes to the program include:

  • Combined residency programs that have primary care and/or emergency medicine are eligible to apply
  • Updated scoring matrix (view the Grant Guidelines for more details)

The application cycle will close Friday, September 17, 2021. Please visit to apply and for more information.

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August 10, 2021

New standards in Cultural and Linguistic Competency and Implicit Bias in continuing medical education coming soon

The California Medical Association’s (CMA) continuing medical education (CME) team is excited to announce that the new Cultural and Linguistic Competency (CLC) and Implicit Bias (IB) standards will be released in late summer of this year.

The new California standards for CLC and IB in CME are designed to provide clarity and promote effectiveness to ensure that accredited CME in California serves the needs of California’s diverse patient population. The proposed California standards for CLC and IB in CME are based on feedback from CMA’s CME advisory council, which was convened in October 2020 to review current standards and definitions, as well as best practices nationwide, as well as information gathered from a robust public comment period. The council is composed of CME and community leaders in the health equity space.

CME provider organizations physically located in California and accredited by CMA CME or the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) will be required by California statute to meet these standards by January 1, 2022. CMA will be releasing various supporting and educational materials to inform CME providers regarding implementation of the standards in conjunction with release of the standards later this summer.

Please visit the 
CME website for more information.

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August 10, 2021

CalVaxGrant provides physician practices up to $55,000 for COVID-19 vaccine administration

In partnership with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC) is administering the CalVaxGrant program to increase the number of providers vaccinating against COVID-19 by supporting and incentivizing physician organizations (with 200 or fewer physicians) to increase and maintain their participation in the myCAvax program, and to start or continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Apply now to be considered for funding! The application cycle is open until August 13, 2021, or until all funds are disbursed. Once funding is exhausted, applications will no longer be considered.

CDPH has appropriated $40 million to CalVaxGrant and anticipates awarding approximately 3,000-4,000 practices with the funds. Existing vaccine providers are encouraged to apply now; new providers are encouraged to apply as soon as they complete Section A of myCAvax.

To be eligible, practices/physicians must:

  • Be approved through the myCAvax application process ​
  • Be a physician medical practice ​with 200 physicians or fewer within the organization or be an independent pharmacy organization
  • Have not received pandemic grant funds to support COVID vaccine administration, such as the State Innovation Fund

PHC recently hosted 3 webinars to help prospective applicants navigate the application process. Click here for recordings of those webinars.

Please visit for more information.

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August 10, 2021

Registration for the 18th annual Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations (NEPO) Summit is live

Registration is now live for this critical convening; interested individuals can register here. This year’s summit will be virtual and cover topics critical to diverse physicians and patients including COVID-19, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), health outcome disparities in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and more.  

This year, we are honored to feature Sandra Hernández, M.D., CEO of the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), as our keynote speaker. Prior to joining CHCF, Dr. Hernández was CEO of The San Francisco Foundation, which she led for 16 years. She previously served as director of public health for the City and County of San Francisco. She also co-chaired San Francisco’s Universal Healthcare Council, which designed Healthy San Francisco. It was the first time a local government in the U.S. attempted to provide health care for all its constituents. Dr. Hernández has also been appointed to the board of directors of Covered California, as well as to the Healthy California for All Commission. 

The NEPO Summit will also include the presentation of PHC’s 2021 Leadership Awards. These awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate individuals or organizations who are champions of health equity. Nominations are open through August 22. Please visit the PHC Leadership Awards page to learn more and to nominate.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our 18th annual NEPO Summit on October 8. NEPO is a network of diverse physicians and patients that convene annually to advocate for community health, encourage physician leadership development, and promote cultural and linguistic competency in patient care. For more information, please visit the NEPO webpage.

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May 6, 2021

PHC partners with Health Net on cultural competency education series

PHC abbreviate logo

Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC), in partnership with Health Net, today announced the launch of a seven-part cultural competency education series for California health care providers. The comprehensive series focuses on educating providers on how to deliver culturally competent care in diverse communities. The series will better equip providers to overcome health disparities that are driven by:

  • Language barriers
  • Misunderstanding of cultural concepts and practices
  • Unconscious bias in health care settings
  • Lower levels of health literacy

“Today’s coronavirus pandemic is continuing to expose the longstanding health disparities that exist among communities of color,” said Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D., Ph.D., board secretary and treasurer for Physicians for a Healthy California. “Research shows that Black and Brown patients often have their pain and health concerns dismissed due to implicit and explicit biases.  To address these health disparities, we must continue to train our providers to ensure that they understand the physical, mental and cultural needs of our diverse population.” 

The Health Net-PHC cultural competency provider education series, developed by Health Net’s Health Disparity team, will be released monthly beginning with the topic of cultural awareness. The first educational document of the series—“Enhance Patient Care Through Better Cultural Awareness”—is now available.

Subsequent months will include topics with a cultural focus on:

  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • Childhood immunizations
  • Women’s preventive care
  • Diabetes
  • Developmental and Physical disabilities
  • BIPOC and LGBTQ health care

“A key component to new care delivery models is the ability to engage and educate patients about their health status,” says Ramiro Zuniga, M.D., vice president and medical director of Medi-Cal at Health Net.  “While doing this is challenging with all patients, for diverse patient populations it can be even more difficult due to language barriers, cultural differences in communication styles and other factors.”

“We’re dedicated to the transformation of the communities we serve, one person at a time,” said Dr. Zuniga. “That transformation happens with a dedicated focus on improving quality outcomes year-over-year. However, our work never stops. Health Net remains committed to driving quality care and health equity even higher across the state. This new partnership is just one aspect of that broader goal.”

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April 27, 2021

PHC Releases 2020 Annual Report

Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC) has a rich history that started in 1963 as a charitable arm of the California Medical Association, and today, PHC has grown into one of California’s leading advocates for improved community health. The 2020 annual report highlights PHC's efforts to improve community health, grow a diverse physician workforce and promote health equity.

"In 2020, COVID-19 ravaged California communities and families, claiming the lives of nearly 60,000 family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers," said Lupe Alonzo-Diaz, President and CEO of PHC. "Physicians and health care workers inspired everyone by sacrificing their lives, personal health and quality time with loved ones in an unrelenting effort to keep our communities safe and healthy. The pandemic also shined a brighter light on the widening equity gaps that still exist in far too many California communities. COVID-19 infection rates were notably higher in communities with high poverty rates, and those living in the poorest areas of our state had contract rates higher than those in wealthier areas. Latinx and Black residents also had disproportionately higher rates of hospitalization than white residents. PHC believes in strong partnerships with government, because good government can solve problems and help incentivize behaviors beneficial to public health and equity. Our work remains vitally important, and PHC continues to be committed to realizing the state’s promise of quality, timely and affordable health care for all Californians."

Download PHC's 2020 Annual Report to learn more.

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March 10, 2021

CMA Updating CLC & Implicit Bias Standards

The California Medical Association’s (CMA) continuing medical education (CME) team (CMA CME) is pleased to announce that their advisory council is expected to release draft standards on cultural and linguistic competency (CLC) and implicit bias (IB) in late March with public comment open from April 1 - 30, 2021.

More details to be announced soon.

CMA CME’s advisory council was convened in October 2020 to review current standards and definitions, as well as best practices nationwide. The council is composed of CME and community leaders in the health equity space.

Please visit the CME website for more information.

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March 9, 2021

PHC Joins #ThisIsOurShot and Launches New Donation Portal

Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC) has announced a new partnership with #ThisIsOurShot, a physician-led public service campaign that promotes awareness and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines.

Scientific innovation led to the discovery of effective COVID-19 vaccines; however, targeted disinformation paired with the realities and ramifications of institutionalized racism have contributed to the rise of vaccine hesitancy, particularly among communities of color.

#ThisIsOurShot is a national, grassroots coalition of health heroes and allies that is working to build vaccine-trust for a COVID-free world by elevating health care voices as trusted messengers through stories, photos and videos using evidence-based messaging.

PHC will leverage its communications channels and platforms to amplify campaign messaging towards health care providers to educate and engage on vaccine hesitancy throughout their communities.

PHC will also serve as fiscal sponsor to facilitate and manage #ThisIsOurShot donations. PHC has a proven record of administering grant funding and voter-approved tax revenues with transparency and accountability.

To that end, PHC also launched a new donation portal to support campaign operations, including the creation and distribution of educational content and resources.

Learn more at, and PHC encourages health care providers to join and donate to the campaign, share your story, access resources and connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#ThisIsOurShot).

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